Guitar Tricks Review 2017

Your dream of becoming an accomplished guitarist is just about to come true. You have bought a brand new guitar, and are all ready to start strumming away. One thing remains though, you have not the slightest idea how to play your brand new baby. What options do you have? There is the possibility of getting a private tutor who you meet once a week or taking online lessons that you can do daily for as long as you like. As things stand, you cannot afford a private tutor. Online lessons are therefore the way to go.

Out of the many sites where you can get online lessons, Guitar Tricks stands out. Jon Broderick founded this online guitar lesson site in 1998 with the aim of making guitar lessons readily available and fun.

Check out this brief guitar tricks review so that you know what to expect once you sign up with them.

  1. Online Resources

Any educational website that wants to make a name for itself must have adequate resources for its students. After all, students are paying for the said resources. Guitar Tricks has provided a wide range of resources for its students, including over 10,000 lesson videos, 600 plus song lessons and supplemental tabs and chord charts. Guitar Trick’s HD lesson videos feature detailed three-angle views that enable the student to see what the instructor is doing as he explains a concept.

In addition, everyone who signs up has access to a downloadable video player that allows downloading of lesson videos. Now how cool is that? If you do not understand a topic, you can download the video and review it later!

  1. Lesson Structure

This Guitar Tricks review sheds a little light of the content, context and structure of lessons offered. This bit shifts the focus to the site’s core business, teaching. It is important to note that for any lesson system to be successful, it has to provide students with a sense of progression. Guitar Trick’s curriculum does exactly that. Students move chronologically from the beginner level to the advanced level. The beginner level has two modules dealing with guitar fundamentals, followed by studies in style and songwriting. These first two modules give every guitarist the necessary foundation needed for their guitar career.

As your progress to more advanced guitar playing, it is crucial that you get the right guidance. Well, the faculty at Guitar Tricks, who have experience in teaching all skill levels, will make sure that you get the proper training on advanced techniques and styles. Once you sign up with Guitar Tricks, you can be sure that your playing will keep getting better.

  1. Lesson Content

Now that you know that Guitar Tricks has online guitar lessons, you need to find out what the learning process involves, and if you will get value for your money. A quick look through the curriculum reveals that the instructors cover each topic exhaustively. Some of these subjects include guitar basics, basic music theory, guitar techniques and many others. Guitar Tricks has 50 qualified instructors who are specialists in all aspects of guitar playing. Also, each lesson will come with practical assignments and tests that will help you assess your progress. Every time you open, study and complete a video lesson, the site tracks your progress. With time, therefore, you can know whether you are making any progress.

Guitar Tricks also handles topics that are a little complex. These are a specialty of students who wants to master the art of guitar playing. Some of these include top guitar techniques, studies on famous guitarists and their music, advanced technical skills, and many others. This lesson site caters for all types of guitarists and tweaks the lesson content to meet the individual needs of each one of them.

  1. Website Access

When you navigate into the Guitar Tricks site, you meet a guitarist strumming away on the home page. This image alone makes most people want to sign up for lessons immediately! Aside from this captivating imagery, the site has a drop-down menu at the top, which take you to the different sections of the website. As such, a visitor to the site can view the lesson content, peep at the faces of the instructors, and read reviews from satisfied customers.

The website also has links to all the resources that you need for your course. Aside from the teaching resources, you will find a metronome, a tuner, backing tracks and an educational game to play in your down time. It is worth noting that Guitar Trick’s lesson videos load faster than all those on other guitar lesson sites.

  1. How Much Does All This Cost?

This Guitar Tricks review would be incomplete without mentioning the thorny issue of cost, as everybody else wants value for their money! The amount of money you need to sign up with Guitar Tricks is however well within your means. When you pay $19.95 per month, which is far less than what an average tutor would demand for an hour-long lesson, you get unlimited access to all segments of the site, for a whole month. Can you imagine getting HD video lessons, artist workshops, detailed tab and chord charts as well as unlimited lesson downloads for this price?

Guitar Tricks also offers a 14-day trial period for those who are in doubt of the service. Within this two-week period, you get to experience the site in its entirety. Once the trial period expires, you can sign up as a member and start your studies. If you find, however, that the lessons are not meeting your expectations, you can get a full refund. This refund only applies if you are still within the 60-day money back period.

Guitar Tricks Review

This Guitar Tricks review summarizes the main features and strengths to look for in an online guitar program. Guitar Tricks are the pioneers in this industry, and therefore know what they are about. This online guitar lessons platform is currently the top choice for beginner guitarists. In addition to this, students who have had tuition on other platforms attest to the fact that Guitar Tricks teaches much faster than the competition. Lastly, consider the fact that this platform has 1.9 million members. There must be something that Guitar Tricks is doing right. 1.9 million satisfied customers is no mean feat!